School Ethos

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High standards – students are pushed to achieve beyond their potential, and staff work to ensure everything that we do is better than people expect.

Daring to Dream – students at The Ladder School may have been in an educational setting where they lack aspirations to be successful. At The Ladder School, we challenge students to reach their potential and go on to further education and employment.

Traditional Values – some things often get forgotten in education; at The Ladder School, we pride ourselves on mutual respect, good manners, making a positive contribution, supporting one another and an orderly, litter free environment.

Success – can come in many virtues; at The Ladder School, we celebrate the small steps every day and tell students when they are doing well. We ensure that students can have a successful future.

Personalised Support – all students at The Ladder School have a Learning Coach who guides them, sets them bespoke targets and supports them in making social and academic progress.