What will I study?

At The Ladder School we believe that the curriculum should match the needs of the learners it serves. A traditional mainstream model has not been able to meet the needs of the prospective students of The Ladder School, as they have become disengaged with education and are at the risk of exclusion.

The Ladder School prides itself on ensuring students have access to a broad and balance curriculum that fulfils the needs of the students and the demands of society to ensure that the students can prosper in the World of Work.

The Ladder School has taken the following approach to the curriculum;

All students will study English, Maths and Science. This will be considered the academic part of their schooling and this will take place in the first three hours in the day, which will make up their morning lessons. The remaining learning time at The Ladder School will be focused on vocational courses, which the students can choose, and life skills. This will take place in the second half of the day. Students will participate PE as our commitment to encouraging a healthy body and a healthy minds approach to school. 

At The Ladder School Year 9, Year 10 & 11 and Year 12 each have their own curriculum and hours of study. Years 9-11 will study English, Maths and Science at GCSE level. During Year 9 students will also study History, PE, Spanish and Reading. In Year 10 and 11 students will continue to study English, Maths and Science at GCSE level and then two vocational courses, most of which are mainly BTECs. All students will study Sports (core PE). Additional Chemistry and English Literature intervention groups will run alongside Sport to target specific students.



Courses have been chosen to spark an area of interest in young people and offer them specialist opportunities that they might not get in a mainstream setting. Equally courses have been designed to complement what students may have succeeded in during their time in school to help them build on their success.

Whilst there is an aspect of choice not every course might be the first thing that a young person would choose to do, but this is a lesson that nothing is ever perfect! The courses on these pathways will be adjusted to the needs of the young people in each cohort and will reflect the courses that are recognised by the government and employers as courses that meet the needs of learners for them to succeed.

How will I be assessed?

All GCSE’s have a written exam at the end of Year 11

All BTEC’s have a combination of written exam and coursework

What can it lead to?

All subjects have an information section which lists all possible jobs that could be applied for once that qualification is gained.

What are my choices?

Y10 and Y11 students will be able to choose to study one of the following from option 1 block

– Animal Care; Catering or Health and Social Care.

And one of the following from option 2 block

– Art, Media or Performing Arts.

Important considerations for students:

– What qualifications are obtainable

– What will I study on the course

– Entry requirements

– Implications for career choice – what you can do after the course

Remember Mrs Cooke and TLS staff are always available to offer help and advice

Advice on choosing your subjects:

1. What do I want to do at 16+

a. The Ladder School Sixth form?

b. Apprenticeship?

c. College?

2. Choose the subjects that will assist your intentions for 16+

3. Pick up a subject that you are interested in.

4. Pick a subject that will help you gain the right job

5. Do not pick a subject because you like that teacher – teaching staff may change subjects.

6. Do not pick a subject because your friends have chosen it.

7. Seek advice and ask questions, Mrs Lecointe can support with careers information.

Some important points for parents/carers:

– Talk to your child about what their interests are.

– Discuss what they would like to do in the future after Year 11.

– Let them know that jobs for 16 years are virtually non-existant. The key to their future is in good education, good training and developing skills and abilities that employers want and are prepared

ATTENDANCE Regular attendance and good punctuality are crucial if your child is to fulfil their potential at Key Stage 4. We need them to be in lessons if they are to achieve academic success. Please ensure that your child is punctual and that the school is informed of the reasons for non-attendance as soon as possible.

Curriculum Plans are available here:

‘Coming Soon’

Curriculum Enrichment

We expect that all students enrich their learning beyond the classroom. The school has a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These extend students learning and social experiences and are linked to work done in the classroom. Most importantly employers are significant adults in the lives of students at the Ladder School and their input shapes both the school’s curriculum and the bespoke experiences of each individual student.

Careers Guidance

In addition to the work with employers embedded in the school’s curriculum all students engage in a wide range of work related activities including work experience, industry days and mock interviews. As part of this each student receives a one to one consultation with an experienced independent professional from the business world who can give expert advice on each student’s CV, personal statement and personal presentation skills