School Mission and School Values

Mission Statement

The Ladder School is a safe, well ordered and caring environment for learning. It delivers high quality education to all its students and supports them to develop their individual potential for growth, self-worth and self-control.

High quality outstanding teaching, and clear and consistent guidance and support facilitates students in succeeding in education. Our broad and balanced academic and vocational curriculum will provide students with access to a broad range of accredited qualifications as well as educational and social experiences, which will address their learning and emotional needs (including SEND and Mental Health support). Our purpose is to support every student to develop their true potential, make positive contributions to their families and find fulfilment in employment.


  1. Alternative Provision doesn’t mean a dumping ground…it’s mainstream with the reasonable adjustments to succeed
  2. High standards and high expectations are incredibly important and are the corner stones to a successful school
  3. The Ladder School should become the go-to place for educators from across the country to see best practice
  4. Good simply isn’t good enough
  5. Learning is about a journey and there is more than one way to get to the destination
  6. Qualifications, manners, respect and opportunity should be the foundations for students that need a second chance.