Parents and Carers

The Ladder School website is aimed at helping parents and carers source information to help support our young people in their future decisions. Below you will find three helpful sections; information about education options, types of jobs and local opportunities. 


Further Education

Walsall College Ignite Project

Students who have a vision of where they want to be in the future may find it easier to plan their next steps more easily. To help students and parents/carers to get an idea of what types of jobs are out there we would suggest looking at a number of these websites:

Careers Pilot

National Careers Service


With developments in technology there are now numerous jobs that did not exist 15 years ago. It is important to keep up to date with what is happening locally, nationally and internationally.

New job opportunities

Career Inspirations 


The Ladder School works with a number of small businesses who support our careers programme. If you or your business would like to support our activities in the future please email