At the Ladder School we believe in the long term future of every student and that positive learning behaviour opens the door to a positive future passed the doors of school.

The Ladder School prides itself on the ability to deal with students that may have found mainstream education difficult, but in turn we will not settle for students giving less than their best.

Every day students are expected to arrive on time, make valid contributions, complete work to the best of their ability, not disrupt learning in anyway, be polite and well mannered, and are supported in a variety of ways to make the right choices and are rewarded for doing so.  We believe behaviour is a form of communication, and as so ensure students are able to effectively and appropriately communicate with staff.  We want our students to feel they are part of The Ladder School family and whilst families sometimes fall out, they have a bond that unites them. We want students, staff and visitors to feel welcome at our school and see that our positivity is embedded into everything that we do. Praise and acknowledgement are a key foundation that will be evident throughout the school. If student’s behaviour is not within the school’s expectations, there are consequences as set out below.  Should a student become aggressive, staff are trained in Team Teach and are able to safely remove a student to a safe place where restorative work can be done.

The School uses the mantra ‘ABC – Actions Bring Consequences’ being aware that these can be positive or negative.

The School recognises that a key part of developing the potential of our young people is giving encouragement and praise. This means, not only do students gain rewards, but staff will acknowledge positive behaviour throughout the school day with verbal praise eg: ‘thank you for waiting patiently at lunchtime’. This encourages students to feel confident in their ability to behave, encourage positive relationships with staff and builds their self-esteem, which may have been affected by their previous school. Praise and acknowledgement are a key foundation that will be evident throughout the school.

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