Local Governing Body

Our school formed its own Local Governing Body in January 2021, this was after a decision to separate the previous Local Governing Body that was shared with Walsall Studio School. When The Ladder School was going through the pre application process as a free school, many of the governing body members had gone through this process with Walsall Studio School, so they provided their support and expertise in ensuring that The Ladder School was well supported.

Our governing body is formed of local members that have an interest and expertise in education from the Walsall area. Our governors are supportive and play an active role in the school community, ranging from supporting the SLT with Learning Walks in school to advising us on the new build.

Our current governors are:

Mr Tim Summersby (Chair), Safeguarding Link

Mr Nick Dean, SEND and PP Link

Mrs Ruth Bryant

Mr Mohammed Choudhry

Mr Jon Lea, Health and Safety Link

Miss Sam Blakemore

Mr Chris Bury (Principal)

The clerk to the LGB is Mr David Milne and he manages correspondence in writing that is sent to the school postal address.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor please contact info@tls.merciantrust.org.uk

Governor Attendance/Business Interests

Governing Body Information