School Rules/Expectations

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High Standards

Wear uniform correctly in accordance with the school dress code

Use appropriate language and do not swear

Keep hands, feet, objects and personal comments to yourself

Look after the school, building, displays and equipment

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Daring To Dream

Always try your best in everything that you do

Want to work towards your next destination in your education

Be prepared to show others how great we are

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Traditional values

Arrive on time to school and all lessons throughout the day

Hand in any mobile phones/contraband at the beginning of the day without question

Eat and drink in designated areas and clean up after yourself

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Aim for 100% attendance

Listen to others and in turn be listened to

Be safe and all follow instructions 

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Personalised Support

Ask for help if/when you need it

Remain in school for the whole day and be prepared to stay to rectify any mistakes you have made