The principles: Good behaviour makes effective teaching and learning possible; poor behaviour disrupts.

The Ladder School aims to use rewards for good behaviour and positive attitudes as positive reinforcement strategies. It is important that praise and rewards should be tailored to what the students desire to encourage positive behaviour.

Each student will earn achievement points in each lesson. Every lesson student will be able to earn 5 points by simply meeting the school’s code of conduct. They will earn a point for each of the following;

• Arriving on time

• Making valid contributions

• Completing work to the best of their ability

• Not disrupting learning in any way

• Being polite and well mannered.

Students can achieve bonus points throughout the school day.

The School recognise that a key part of developing the potential of our young people is giving encouragement and praise. This means, not only do students gain rewards, but staff will acknowledge positive behaviour throughout the school day with verbal praise f ‘thank you for waiting patiently at lunchtime’. This encourages students to feel confident in their ability to behave, encourage positive relationships with staff and builds their self-esteem, which may have been affected by their previous school. Praise and acknowledgement are a key foundation that will be evident throughout the school.

Students will be rewarded with achievement points for their attendance. Students who complete a full week will earn 25 points.

The Achievement Point System is tiered for example; the number of points will gain a certain reward. Students should aim to get the maximum number of points they can.

The chart for students to know what their points lead to is shown here.