About Us

What is Ladder?

The Ladder campaign is an initiative which encourages businesses of all sizes in the region to work together and help give young people the opportunity to prosper in their organisations. It has been a great success in the Black Country and working together with Mercian Trust to support the new Ladder School is the next natural progression on the journey to ensure our young people have the best possible skills, experience and future employment opportunities.

Ladder for the Black Country will support the new school during the opening phase and once open by:

  • contributing to the curriculum development
  • securing placements and work experience opportunities for learners
  • developing the knowledge and awareness of apprenticeships within the school
  • supporting staff through the provision of high quality CPD

To find out more about Ladder for the Black Country you can find us online at www.ladderfortheblackcountry.co.ukView Governanace Plan(PDF)

We are a family

Staff appointed to The Ladder School will be experts in their relevant field, but they will have a passion for supporting students that are dis-engaged with education, as this is key to unlocking student’s potential.

It is expected that all students will ‘have a go’ and the phrase ‘I can’t’ is banned. We will work on an ethos where everyone is encouraged to do their best, so they can succeed. Students will be used to the phrase ‘be the best you can be’ as this is clearly closely linked to our school ethos and approaches to learning.

Students will have access to free toast and fruit at break time which students will organise on a rota basis and serve one another. Students may wish to bring a sensible snack to eat a breaktime. Students will have access to our ‘family dining’ where all meals are served together with staff at lunchtime.

Water fountains are available for students to fill a sealable water bottle during the school day. Students should fill their water at break or lunch.

The Ladder School will be different from all other schools as it will operate an open-door policy, where any member of staff, parents or visitors will be able to walk into any classroom at any time and see a positive learning environment, where most importantly students are engaged, and they are succeeding.

The Ladder School has an open and honest relationship with parents and this is outlined to parents working with The Ladder School prior to their child joining.

“Our family approach to school means we ensure that there is respect, everyone is cared for and we work collectively as one. Sometimes families fall out, but there is a bond that ties us together through the difficult times, so we can grow and become stronger.”